Champion Child inspires donors and makes special gift to hospital

Pacey Wall raises $34,000 for surgical tools at HSC Children’s Hospital and Emergency Research at Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba

Winnipeg, MB (February 26, 2024) – A 10-year-old from Winkler, Manitoba with a rare condition, is making a meaningful gift to HSC Children’s Hospital. Pacey Wall spent the last year as Manitoba’s Champion Child, representing kids like himself who rely on the hospital, and has raised $34,000 to transform child health care and research in our province.

Pacey lives with intestinal failure and has needed more than 35 surgeries at HSC Children’s Hospital. He’s been in and out of the Emergency Department and on wards since complications first arose at age three, even spending many holidays and birthdays in hospital. No matter how challenging things get, Pacey sees the positive. He is always thankful for his surgeons, health care teams, and time with Child Life specialists who help him enjoy just being a kid while in hospital.

Pacey is passionate about supporting other kids who need the hospital, as well as research focused on helping kids with childhood illness.

“I have spent hundreds of days and nights at Children’s Hospital and whenever I’m there the surgeons, doctors, nurses and Child Life specialists take the very best care of me,” says Pacey, 2023 Champion Child.

“I want to make sure all kids get all the care they need to have better futures.”

Pacey has spent the last year as Champion Child for Manitoba, speaking on behalf of 140,000 other children who need the Children’s Hospital each year. Pacey has attended more than 40 events to share his story, showcase the amazing work and research being done in Manitoba and help the #GiveBetterFutures initiative at Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

Pacey presented both the HSC Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba (CHRIM) teams with a $17,000 cheque each, for a total of $34,000. Pacey and his family raised this significant amount through events and initiatives over the past year including a partnership with the Winkler Flyers hockey team, a special race at Victory Lanes Speedway, custom shirts and sweaters created by Pacey’s mom at Paper Birch Apparel, and many more.

The money he raised will purchase four Rigid Laparoscopic Telescopes  for the pediatric surgical department at Children’s Hospital. These tools visualize the contents of the abdomen and thoracic cavity to allow for diagnosis and treatment of various conditions.

“Pacey is making a difference by improving the experience for other children who need surgery,” says Dr. Richard Keijzer, Pediatric Surgery Lead, HSC Children’s Hospital.

“Having the right equipment for procedures makes sure our teams can continue providing the best care possible for all kids.”

Pacey’s donation will also go towards emergency care research at Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba (CHRIM) through the new theme, Research into the Enhancement of Acute Care for Children’s Health (REACH). REACH will build inclusive, strong and sustainable infrastructure to scale existing research, and support a stronger base of researchers that can continue to innovate and improve acute care experiences and outcomes for children, youth and their families in Manitoba and beyond.

“Pacey’s family knows firsthand how important acute care is, and we’re so thankful he has chosen to help other kids through research,” says Terry Klassen, CEO and Scientific Director, CHIRM.

“We have all likely experienced acute care for ourselves or a loved one in our lives, and Pacey’s gift will create meaningful change for children who need emergency care.”

“Pacey inspires me every single day,” says Stefano Grande, President & CEO of Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. “His bravery in sharing his journey, and his drive to help other kids like him is so meaningful.

We’re so grateful to Pacey and his family for everything they have done to help give better futures for children in our community.”

Stay tuned to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba social media channels @CHFManitoba on March 14 for the announcement of the 2024 Champion Child!

About the Champions Program

Every year in Canada, local Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) member hospitals identify a “Champion” in each of their local communities to serve as the face for children treated at their local children’s hospital. These brave and spirited ambassadors spend their year advocating for the charitable need of children’s hospitals by sharing their unique stories with Canadians, their communities and partners.  Their goal is to encourage everyone to join the fight for children’s health through local support, events and CMN Canada programs.

Children’s hospitals rely on donations to provide care for kids — no matter their illnesses or injuries.

#GiveBetterFutures with Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba

You can change a sick child’s life through the current $75 million Better Futures campaign. History-making changes in child health will ensure sick kids get the care they need in places of comfort and healing, in environments that physically and technologically match the excellence provided by healthcare professionals today. They’ll benefit from leading-edge research focused specifically on the unique needs of kids in our communities. Manitoba’s largest-ever fundraising campaign for child health NEEDS YOU to help #GiveBetterFutures to sick and injured kids. Because your present can change their future.

Since 1971, with incredible donor support, the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba has raised more than $165 million to help sick and injured children from Manitoba, Northwestern Ontario, and Nunavut. The Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that every child treated at HSC Children’s Hospital has the best care experience possible and benefits from the leading-edge research at Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba. Learn about your impact at

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