Keeping Kenzi Close

It takes very special, compassionate people to turn their heartbreak into something positive. Corinne and Kris Kopansky are those people. In 2015, tragedy struck the Kopansky family. Their baby girl, Kenzi, died of acute appendicitis at only six months old.

It was every parent’s worst nightmare. Corinne, Kris, and their little boy Aiden were devastated. But they knew they wanted to remember and honour Kenzi in a special way. And they knew they wanted to do everything they could to help other children like her.

So, on Kenzi’s first birthday the family decided to donate presents she would have received to the Children’s Hospital. They held a street party and a fair in front of their home, and raised $1,000.

“We really didn’t even think about it, we were just doing it and it felt good. It gave us purpose again, and became our new way of ‘parenting’ Kenzi.”

The Kopansky’s decided to donate their money to the ER – where the medical team had worked so hard to keep their little girl alive.

To date, they have raised an amazing $35,000 for the emergency department. And each year their celebration – and their fundraising – gets bigger.

“We decided it would become an annual birthday party. We want to continue to celebrate her life. Thank you to past, present and future supporters. Kenzi’s legacy is growing, and it’s all because of you! It’s about giving back and helping others, but it’s also about honouring Kenzi. By donating, you show us that you remember our daughter.”

To learn more, visit the Keeping Kenzi Close Donation Page.