Courtney Nodrick

Manager, Campaign & Development

portrait of Courtney Nodrick

After years of working in the corporate sector, I discovered I could become a fundraiser, or development professional.  It is very rewarding to come to work every day and know that my job is making a difference. I connect people with a cause they care deeply about, and what better cause than helping sick and injured children! From donors giving because the hospital saved their child’s life, to donors giving because they have a grandchild and are grateful for the child’s health, every donor’s motivation is unique to them – but at the end of the day, they are all inspired to make sure kids have access to the best healthcare.  As a new mom, the cause of helping sick children means so much more to me. I am grateful my daughter is healthy, but I know if one day she gets sick or hurt we will have a great children’s hospital here to help.  And it is great because of the wonderful donors who support the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.