Our son is living a healthy life — because of donors like you

Looking at happy, lovable Jaxon Miller, you would never know the mountains he has had to climb just to reach the age of two. Only the scars on his chest and body tell the story of the many battles Jaxon has waged, and triumphed over.

Jaxon's family.

Jaxon was born with a serious heart condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Essentially, he was born with half a heart. Jaxon needed intensive care at Children’s Hospital-HSC Winnipeg from the moment he was born.

His mother, Kristyn, recalls the loving care of the medical care team when they tended to Jaxon. This same care was shown to Kristyn and her husband, too.

“Our world came crashing down with the diagnosis, and knowing our baby needed surgery. The nurses and doctors were honest with us — he was very sick. And nothing we did caused this. It was devastating not to be able to hold our baby. But with the encouragement of the team, we were able to touch Jaxon before he was life flighted out at just 10 hours old.”

During the next three months, Jaxon travelled back and forth between Winnipeg and Edmonton three times. And each time he came home, the team at Children’s Hospital was ready and waiting to care for him.

One night at home, Jaxon went into cardiac arrest. He was just 3½ months old. Cardiac nurse, Amber, coached Kristyn and her husband over the phone how to perform CPR on Jaxon. Kristyn calls her “our angel.”

“Arriving at Children’s Hospital was an experience I will never forget. Over 40 people were waiting for Jaxon.”

Today, Jaxon is thriving like any other toddler. He loves cars, trucks, books, animals and cooking. As Kristyn says, their family’s life will always revolve around Children’s Hospital.

“Every time we are there, we see the direct impact that donors have. From crucial diagnostic machines, to giving Jaxon new books to read, it truly makes a difference for our family.”

“No child should experience a hospital as frequently as Jaxon does. But because of your support, he has the resources he and his family need, and they feel cared for and loved. Every single dollar makes a difference. Our hope is stronger than ever that Jaxon will live a long healthy life – because of donors like you.”

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