On March 18th of 2020, as the world went quiet in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, there was a very special birthday celebration taking place in a house in Winnipeg. With her immediate family around her, little Éveline turned one year old.It marked a huge landmark in this brave child’s fight for life. Her mother Candice calls it, “a day we sometimes didn’t think we’d see.”

When Candice was 18 weeks pregnant with Éveline an ultrasound showed that the baby’s kidneys were enlarged. By 23 weeks, her bladder wasn’t working and she had no amniotic fluid left. But mom, Candice, and dad, Marquis, held onto their faith that they would see their little girl one day.

And that day came earlier than expected. At just 34 weeks, Éveline was born via emergency C-section. The tiny infant couldn’t breathe on her own. It took four hours just to stabilize her enough to move her to the NICU. Candice and Marquis were warned that their daughter may not survive her first 24 hours.

But Éveline had different plans.

On day three she had surgery to fit a dialysis catheter. On day six, she started dialysis. For the next three months, she lived in the intensive care unit – fighting each and every day for her life.

Finally at four months old, Éveline made it home to her family. Her family will never forget the teams of people who saved her. The Children’s Hospital family at HSC Winnipeg. The doctors, nurses, staff – and supporters like you.

“The most amazing doctors, nurses and staff took us in like we were family. They cared for Éveline like she was their own. Éveline’s journey isn’t finished, but we’re so thankful that we have such a great place taking care of her for years to come.”

The family are passionate supporters of the hospital now.

“When we donate, we know directly how it affects each and every child, mom and dad, and siblings. It gives them hope, it gives them compassion and empathy. It gives them someone to talk to. It makes them feel they’re not alone when their world has just been turned upside down.”

When it came time to think of a theme for their little girl’s first birthday celebration, Candice and Marquis Petit knew exactly what it had to be. The youngest of four children, there weren’t a lot of clothes or toys that Éveline really needed. So the Petit family decided to focus on what was deepest in their hearts – gratitude that their daughter had made it through to celebrate her first year. They decided to dedicate Éveline’s birthday celebration to raising vital funds for Children’s Hospital, as a way of making sure that every child in need could receive the same great care that Éveline did.

A monthly donor herself, Candice knows firsthand how essential donors’ gifts are to the hospital – funding the research and equipment that save tiny lives and also funding the crucial support system for families living through devastating times.

If you would like to host your own fundraiser to raise money to support Children’s Hospital, please email us at info@goodbear.ca

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