Teddy Bears’ Picnic

May 26, 2019

Over 30 years ago, a group of volunteers got together to plan a fun and educational day for kids. Fast forward almost 32 years and the Teddy Bears’ Picnic, presented by the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba, has grown from seven tents to over 50 that provide a fun and free educational experience for the whole family. Join us for the 33rd Teddy Bears’ Picnic Sunday, May 26th, 2019, and be a part of this Winnipeg tradition!


Looking for other parking options? Head to 820 Taylor Avenue and take the shuttle to Assiniboine Park. Shuttles start at 8:00 am and the last one leaves the Park at 6:00 pm.


The Dr. Goodbear Clinic needs volunteers today! Learn more about roles and how to apply.

Interested in being a general volunteer for the Teddy Bears’ Picnic? Apply today!


Thank you to our 2018 Teddy Bears’ Picnic Sponsors….

Presenting Sponsor, Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Presenting Sponsor, Dr. Goodbear Clinic






A special thank you to the Teddy Bears’ Picnic Committee for planning and organizing this event and for the hundreds of volunteers who gave back to the community this weekend.