Critical tools for babies in hospital

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Critical tools for babies

Critically sick and injured babies require specialized care. You can help make sure healthcare heroes have the tools they need to look after babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at HSC Children’s Hospital.

Right now, the hospital has an urgent need for life-saving equipment like a portable ultrasound machine and Babyleo incubators to care for the tiniest patients.

Portable ultrasound system

NICU staff need a high-performance ultrasound system that provides the latest technology. Newer portable ultrasound machines are AI-enabled point of care systems that are adaptable, intuitive, easy to clean and are designed for point of care spaces and environments with heightened infection control requirements. This advanced clinical tool enables fast assessments, supports clinical decision-making, and will help monitor newborns’ progress in unpredictable environments like the NICU.

Portable ultrasound machines cost $101,000 each. The NICU needs one of these machines.

Echocardiograph machine

An Echocardiograph machine (echo) is a specialized ultrasound device tailored for the assessment of the heart in newborn infants. It plays a critical role in diagnosing and monitoring cardiac conditions in these fragile patients, enabling timely and appropriate medical interventions when needed. The current machine is more than a decade old, and in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, it has regrettably became outdated. There’s an urgent need for a new machine to ensure we stay current with the latest advancements.

Echocardiograph machines cost $120,000 each. The NICU needs one of these machines.

Babyleo incubators

Babyleo incubators provide optimal temperature regulation to help premature babies grow, while also giving healthcare staff quick access to the baby. They were designed with infection prevention and control in mind, which is essential to protect vulnerable babies. Other features include the ability to connect an audio device to the incubator, where recordings of a mother’s heartbeat or caregivers’ voices can be played to comfort babies.

Babyleo incubators cost $54,000 each. The NICU needs two new incubators.

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