Helping kids be kids

Being a kid in hospital can be tough, but important programs run by members of the Child Life team help provide purposeful and fun opportunities for distraction and play to help kids while in hospital. Child Life Programs include:


Children’s Hospital TV is a closed-circuit television station that reaches all patient rooms. Every weekday kids can watch the Good Day Show, hosted by NoName, the hardest working sock-puppet in town. The Good Day show features interactive games, activities, shout-outs to patients, and special guests – giving kids something to look forward to. Age-appropriate shows and movies are also available throughout the day on CHTV.


Play is the universal language for children. It is how they communicate, master skills, socialize, explore their environment, and is a large piece of their development. The main playroom is filled with toys, games, electronics, craft/art supplies, and mini hospital environments where dolls can practice for tests like MRIs before their kids have them.

Music therapy

The music therapy program can bring a sense of calm and comfort to children and families in hospital and provides opportunities for healthy expression through singing, playing instruments, and movement to the music. The gentle strumming of the guitar paired with a soothing voice is just what the doctor ordered.

Library program

Reading books and other library materials may help lower the stress of hospitalization by providing the patients or their caregivers and family members with choices, distraction, comfort and information. The library program offers many different services:

Child Life programing relies 100% on donor funding.

If funding goals are achieved, additional dollars will be allocated to the area of greatest need.

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