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Children’s Health

Your gifts lighten the loads, improve the lives, and lift the spirits of sick children and their families by supporting exceptional in-hospital programs. From humour therapy to family education initiatives, donors like you enrich lives and promote healing.


Your gifts help to purchase state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and treat disease. More modern equipment means shorter wait times and better care. New technology is being developed all the time – your gifts keep us on the leading edge of pediatric care.


Your gifts support a dynamic and effective research infrastructure. Through the Children’s Hospital Institute of Manitoba, founded by the Foundation in 2001, you help scientists work together to unlock the mysteries of childhood diseases. You give hope to families. You help move child health care forward. You are the power behind medical breakthroughs.


In 2019, the Children’s Hospital Foundation expanded our commitment to the children we serve by undertaking the first of a series of Capital Campaigns. Together with this community we can provide world-class facilities, programs and services to the children who need us today, and for generations to come.