Who Needs a Plan?

Our New Strategic Plan and Vision is coming tomorrow. Gone are the days where organizations, both profit and not for profit, see growth and progress without a plan driven by a clear vision.

Without a vision, the home you are building is just another plain home, nothing special. And without a plan, you place a foundation pile in the wrong place and then install different flooring all in the wrong rooms, not worrying about flow design. From afar, what a glorious vision! But once up close and personal, what a mess. In the long run, the home will lose value, and eventually, collapse and the re-rebuilding process will start all over again!

Over the last six months, the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba has developed a bold plan, based on a new vision to help support the greatest needs of the Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba.

The vision is strong: To be the charity of choice devoted to funding excellence in child health care and child health research. We want to improve the health of kids everywhere. But we cannot do it alone.

The process of creating our vision and plan started by talking to people like you – our donors, stakeholders, hospital staff, partners and many more. The process also involved our staff who wanted to be part of building this new home because this is essential for success. And of course, the Board of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba applying its business and community lens to the plan to ensure it is correctly built.

Our new plan will provide renewed direction with clarity and resources to ensure success. We will set direction and priorities based on alignment with our Hospital and Research arm. Our plans will help get everyone on the same page, engage our community, simplify decision-making, and drive the desired alignment which at times may change. The plan also helps communicate our message. And it’s a strong one… as our kids need us now more than ever.

We have committed to 4 strategic pillars, our guiding objectives which will ground our organization in serving our hospital and community.

  1. Our Fundraising Efforts will Transform & Advance Child Health Care & Research
  2. Our Donors and Stakeholders are Central to all we do
  3. Our Brand will be synonymous with Philanthropy
  4. Our Leadership, at all levels, will be Collaborative & engaged in our Mission

They are simple but complicated. And the achievement of these goals will lay in the hands of the builders our staff and Board. We are determined. We are committed to inspiring, to succeed and demonstrate that the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba will be transformed into your charity for kids and a world-class Children’s Hospital.

Tomorrow, tune into our social media channels @CHFManitoba to see the changes that we are making. Together, let’s make anything possible.

For the Kids,

PS: If this inspires you to be an advocate for sick and injured children, I encourage you to contact me at sgrande@hsc.mb.ca or (204) 787-4061.