The Power of a New Year

Here at the Foundation we’re reflecting on the amazing outcomes we saw over the past year.

This helps us to get excited for the power of positive things to come in this New Year!

We can’t possibly list them all but here are our top ten highlights from 2019:
1. Gianna, our 2019 Champion Child
This young lady is not only an inspiration but a courageous ambassador for all sick children. Gianna and her family joined us at more than 40 events to share her story and the importance of community coming together to help the Hospital reach new heights in child health.

2. Our Kids Cardiac Campaign, the Price Family and dozens of donors
We are incredibly blessed that Gerry and Barb Price reached out to their amazing philanthropic network and helped elevate our campaign. We are now poised to ensure Manitoba children have the best possible cardiac care with specialized equipment and diagnostic laboratories designed for kids at our cardiac centre.

3. The commitment of the team at CHFM
We had two all-time record years in fundraising at the Foundation! Our staff, our Board, our volunteers are on an important mission and all of us are excited about our new plan and vision.

4. Winnipeg Ice Annual Teddy Bear Toss
Have you ever witnessed over 1,500 teddy bears being tossed on the ice? #Awesome. Thank you for bringing all those bears for our kids!

5. Winnipeg Jets and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Thank you for always making the time to visit kids at our hospital and simply being there for them. A special shout out to Matt Nichols for shining a light on the courage of kids who undergo MRIs.

6. Our Children’s Hospital Guild of Manitoba
The deserving Guild received the 2019 Outstanding Service Group Award from the Manitoba Association of Fundraising Professionals. Guild members work tirelessly to support our cause.

7. Our friends at Bold Commerce
This special group of people staged a 24-hour gaming event raising more than $70,000 for our local Children’s Hospital. There were several special guests in attendance including local media playing and Nathan Beaulieu from the Jets who gamed with our past Champion Children.

8. Local Children’s Hospital physician and educator Dr. Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg
She was inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame in 2018 and received the Order of Canada in 2019.

9. CHRIM Researchers
Over 250 doctors and researchers at our Children’s Hospital Research Institute are involved in kid-related research and clinical trials of over $20 Million per year. This is how we find cures.

10. YOU
We are thankful for all our donors. Without you, none of this is possible. Your support truly matters and is making the difference! Thank you for your dedication to improving the health of our kids.


Let’s make anything possible.
For the kids,