Your Impact - Research

Making A Difference In The Life Of A New Born

Imagine devoting your livelihood to researching a deadly disorder, only to discover that years earlier that very disease took the…read more

Donors Dollars Lead To New Clinical Trials

Today, the University of Manitoba announced $8.4 million in new research funding provided by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research…read more

Your Support Is Making Breakthroughs In Research

A new study led by researchers at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba (owned and operated by the Children’s Hospital Foundation…read more

An Interview with Dr. Jon

Tackling Type 2 Connecting health knowledge to better outcomes Diabetes costs Canada’s health care system and economy billions of dollars…read more

Working on Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

Understanding Type 2 Diabetes Looking for a way to prevent the onset of disease Diabetes costs Canada’s health care system…read more