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The healing power of music helping kids in hospital

Listening to live music can be very powerful and for sick and injured kids, it’s just what the doctor ordered.…read more

Child Life clown, Dr. Bloomsie, helping kids through the science of fun times

A new clown at HSC Winnipeg Children’s Hospital is bringing laughter, joy, and silliness to sick and injured kids. Introducing……read more

Enhanced Training in Pediatric Trauma Resuscitation

We do everything we can to protect our children, but accidents happen. Although many injuries are easily fixed with band-aids…read more

Eczema Education

To the average person, eczema may seem like a mild irritation, but to families dealing with eczema, it can be…read more

You Made the Waiting Game Easier

From waiting in line or in traffic to sitting by the phone for news, waiting is not something we humans…read more