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Margaret's Gift in Will

Margaret Keillor has a very personal reason for choosing to support the Children’s Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). That…read more

Ernie and Norma Schell’s Lifetime of Giving

Fifty-seven years. That’s how long Ernie and Norma Schell’s association with the Children’s Hospital of Manitoba goes back. And what…read more

Why Cheryl Gives Monthly

Ask mother Cheryl Reid why she is a monthly supporter of the Children’s Hospital and you will receive a passionate…read more

Elfriede's 51 Years of Caring

Elfriede Campbell is as committed a supporter of Children’s Hospital as you are ever likely to meet. This dedicated supporter…read more

Planned Giving from Geoffrey Nichols

Geoffrey Nichols was a man who lived with a purpose. Born in 1925, Nichols grew up active eventually joining the…read more