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Curl up with a good book

Children’s Hospital Book Market celebrates 60 years Tucking into a beloved book is like coming home. For Joan Macdonald though,…read more

Volunteer Spotlight: Karen Bate

As a long-time regular customer of the Children’s Hospital Book Market, I’d been intrigued about the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect…read more

Volunteer Spotlight: Holly Glew

Volunteers give for many different reasons. The motivation to donate time can come from the desire to share a skill,…read more

Unwrapping Love

Remember when birthdays were magical and fun? They provided that once-a-year opportunity to revel in the attention and adoration of…read more

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

In 2013, a Winnipeg Blue Bomber front line staff member named Carol contacted the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. She…read more