You Help Provide Life Saving Information

Each year through donor support, The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba Child Health Advisory Committee awards grants for projects that make an impact directly on child health.

One of these grants funded the creation of education modules for caregivers of infants with unique circumstances. Thanks to your generous support help is now just a click away.

“Our goal was to develop stand-alone, easily understood educational materials for caregivers of infants who were prenatally exposed to substances (drugs or alcohol) in utero,” says Christine Froese, Clinical Services Leader, Occupational Child Health. “We also hoped to develop a sustainable distribution plan to address the unique challenges of providing education to this group of caregivers who may not always be able to attend the nursery or have other stressors that affect their ability to retain new information.”

The project had two main objectives; to develop multi-media resources that would provide information along with a long-term sustainable dissemination plan in cooperation with community partners; and to identify the community partners with access to the caregivers they are trying to reach.

“Thanks to this grant we were able to achieve both objectives,” says Christine. “We created a 12 part modular video series entitled ‘Caring for Infants who Need Extra Help with Eating, Sleeping or Staying Calm’. This video series is available on the HSC YouTube Channel, which makes it an easy-to-find, single-point-of-entry for online access into the foreseeable future, which should decrease the risk of it dropping out of use.”

To supplement the video, there are information cards (complete with a QR code and other modes of access) which are handed out to not only families but also to interested pediatricians for them to distribute to new families they see in the office, who might also benefit from the information.

Online access information has been shared with all of the Child and Family Services (CFS) Authorities, and their agencies.

In addition to the online version, at the request of those serving Northern children, there is also a DVD version of the video series.

This DVD is available through the Children’s Hospital Family Information Library, and a number of copies are being provided directly to the Northern CFS Authority for distribution to agencies and foster parent training programs.

In cooperation with the Outreach Therapy Services of the Rehabilitation Centre for Children, DVD copies have been sent to every nursing station in the Northern region (where access to high-speed internet is weak or non-existent).

The resource has been well received as evidenced by this statement from an NICU Clinical Resource Nurse who leads parent education groups;

“The videos are presented in a way that provides both visual and verbal information in a non-threatening and interesting way. Parents can select which videos to watch, and take the reference card so that they can watch them again later on their own. I really appreciate the effort it took to create these videos which will prove useful to countless parents.”

Thanks to your donations, vital program will continue to provide education for both staff and caregivers.

“Thanks to the foundation for the opportunity to create this educational material,” says Christine. “We are receiving very positive feedback and are grateful for the opportunity this grant afforded us to improve services to this population.”

Because of your support kids and caregivers in remote communities now have access to life-changing information and services from Children’s Hospital.

Click here to view the education modules.