WiFi Project

Free WiFi has come to the Children’s Hospital thanks to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba with support from the Winnipeg Foundation. With funding in place for the WiFi Project, patients and their families will be able to keep in touch with loved ones for updates and assistance through the most difficult times.

It is a welcome enhancement to patient care and comfort.

“Complimentary WiFi is a critical addition to the care and treatment of sick kids, as well as a valuable comfort to the patients and their families,” says Tanya Williams, Director of Communications, Children’s Hospital Foundation.

“Sick kids are often in hospital for days, weeks or even months as treatment is carried out. This can result in feelings of isolation that would be greatly diminished by the connection to friends and family that WiFi provides.”

For the 54% of patients who are from out of town, providing connectivity creates a more normal, comforting experience.

“Being able to communicate and provide updates to our family is critical for us”, says Patient Mom, Jane. “With so many other concerns and costs to worry about, having free WiFi is a tremendous gift.“

Previously the Children’s Hospital only had access to WiFi in very limited hot spots. Thanks to the WiFi Project, wireless network access will also be readily available for clinical applications for staff and physicians.

This critical upgrade will deliver better patient care, improved communication for loved ones and provide an invaluable staff resource.

Thanks to the Winnipeg Foundation and the support of donors like you for making it possible to provide this crucial comfort to sick kids and their families.