Why Cheryl Gives Monthly

Ask mother Cheryl Reid why she is a monthly supporter of the Children’s Hospital and you will receive a passionate response. When Cheryl went into premature labour at 26 weeks with her first baby, it was the doctors and nurses at Children’s Hospital who saved her little daughter’s life. Baby Jordan was born weighing just 2 pounds, and her lungs were severely underdeveloped.

At three weeks old she had a lung infection that turned into a blood infection. The tiny baby had to be put on very strong antibiotics and restricted visitation, because her immune system was virtually non-existent. Jordon stayed in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for the first two months of her life. Cheryl remembers the tremendous support of the nurses in particular.

“Even after we left, the nurses from NICU would call to check in and see how we were doing. That’s the extra level of care.” Jordan is thriving now, and Cheryl believes strongly in supporting the hospital that cared for her whole family so well.

“We need to keep the expertise and the equipment here up to date so when we need it, we don’t have to go to another province. Having the expertise here is to the benefit of not just all Winnipeggers but all Manitobans.”

Cheryl became a monthly donor years ago, and has steadily increased the size of her monthly gifts. “When we first had Jordan, we didn’t really have the means, and now that we do, we want to give more.” Donors like Cheryl know how easy it is to set up a recurring monthly donation. And even a modest donation each month really adds up over the year to help the hospital care for the children and families who need us.