Community Champion: Meet John

For the past 7 years, our volunteer of the month has poured time and energy into organizing the Annual Golf Tournament for Children’s Hospital. This key fundraiser could not come together without the tireless efforts of Golf Committee Members like John DiQuinzio.

“What compelled me to volunteer was getting a tour of the hospital,” recalls John. “When you actually go through the hospital you can’t help but shed some tears. There are so many kids that aren’t doing too well, and when you see that first-hand you immediately think about what you can do to help. I walked out of there crying and that’s when I got involved.”

John, the Director of Sales at Old Dutch, is grateful every day for his two healthy teenagers. It’s gratitude that fuels his desire to help out and give back.

“It’s easy to volunteer once you realize and remember just how fortunate you are,” says John. “Whenever you can help those around you, whether it’s a financial commitment, or a time commitment, it really makes you feel better. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people through volunteering. You get to realize how committed and generous people are in Winnipeg.”

John’s generosity and support is deeply appreciated by Children’s Hospital.

“John has been a Committee Member for our Annual Golf Tournament for many years,” says Gary Rozak, Program Director, Children’s Hospital Foundation. “John cares deeply about the kids in hospital and is tremendously passionate about doing what he can to help. The Foundation can’t reach its goals without volunteers like John DiQuinzio. We cannot say thank you enough.”

For John, volunteering has been its own reward.

“Often at the golf tournament we hear from a child who was a patient or the parents of a child in hospital and it just hits me in the heart what some people have had to go through,” says John. “You really get to see first-hand how life can throw curve balls at you. Shedding a tear is one thing, but getting up and trying to help has meant a great deal to me and my family. I enjoy it and I will continue to volunteer my time to Children’s Hospital.”

Bear hugs to our volunteer John DiQuinzio, for helping sick kids feel better. Thank you for all that you do!

If you would like to get involved in the Children’s Hospital Foundation through one of our special events or committees, contact us today at 204-787-4400.