The Best Chapter You Ever Created

Did you know that because of your support of the Children’s Hospital Book Market, thousands of sick and injured children are given access to a library space called the Book Corner at the Children’s Hospital?

Established in 1988 to support the hospital mandate of family-centred care, the Book Corner provides a library space for children and families to choose resources, and sit and read together in a safe haven away from their hospital room and procedures.

The Book Corner provides patients with the normalizing option of choosing age appropriate reading material and DVDs, and providing reading-related activities for recreation, stimulation, humour and diversion during the stressful time of hospitalization. Library staff members provide one-on-one reading, group Storytimes, and book and DVD carts to bring resources to patients on the units, even on the weekends.

The Book Corner provides babies, children and teens in the Children’s Hospital with movies free of charge, as well as books and magazines in English, French, Indigenous languages, Spanish, German and Ukrainian.

The Book Corner has circulated more than 10,933 books, DVDs and magazines. Of these, 5,284 were borrowed directly from the library. Books and DVDs remain equally popular, with an average of 70 books and 75 DVDs signed out each week. Volunteers and staff visited just over 7,740 children and 5,649 items were borrowed off of the book and DVD carts.

Library staff have provided Storytimes and one-on-one reading to over 885 children. They also reach out through their weekly slot on CHTV’s live show.

This anecdote is from a mother with a 6 year old boy who was in the hospital for an extended stay due to a Traumatic Brain Injury:

“My son looks forward to library time every day. He asks every morning when Emma is going to come to read to him! Library time has made his extended stay here much more enjoyable.  There was even one Friday that we were able to leave early for a weekend pass, but my son wanted to wait until he had his story time with Emma!”

As you pick up your next book at the Children’s Hospital Book Market, remember that your purchase is providing a welcome, educational distraction for sick and injured kids every day.