Planned Giving from Geoffrey Nichols

Geoffrey Nichols was a man who lived with a purpose. Born in 1925, Nichols grew up active eventually joining the Royal Air Force during the war where he was responsible for training other pilots on how to drop bombs. During one of his leaves in Winnipeg, he met Elizabeth and soon after returned to Winnipeg to marry her. Nichols was an avid golfer, tennis player and table tennis player. He was also the managing director of Dominion Bronze until he retired. Though both the Nichols loved children, they never had any of their own. He once told his great niece:

“I’m saving every penny to get to the half million I want to leave for the children with cancer”.

Having planned his estate before he passed away, Nichols knew he wanted to make a difference. Nichols passed away on March 4th, 2012 in Bournemouth, England. His wishes have been kept and his generous gift will be used to redevelop the Pediatric Oncology Clinic in the Diagnostic Imaging building and to purchase some specific pieces of equipment that are needed now. While the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba never got the honour of meeting Geoffrey Nichols, his kind heart and memory will live on through the hearts of the Pediatric Oncology patients, their families and the very grateful staff. Thank you Mr. Nichols.

If you want to learn more on how you can help like Mr. Nichols, contact Courtney Nodrick today at or 204-787-8588.