Noname and You Help Provide Laughter and Love

His name is Noname. He lives here at the hospital. He’s been “treating” sick kids since the early 1980’s.

If you haven’t visited the hospital very often you may not know him. But this blue and red hand puppet has helped many a sick child feel better over the years.

The star of Children’s Hospital’s own TV station (CHTV), Noname helps alleviate the stress and anxiety of the kids here in the wards during his one-hour daily stint, “The Good Day Show.”


CHTV was the first of its kind in Canada and it is funded through the help of supporters just like you. It includes programming specific to young children and adolescents.

“The Good Day Show” is produced by a rotating team of dedicated child life specialists and volunteers. Sometimes our young patients themselves are involved in the tapings. In an environment that comes with its fair share of uncertainty and anxiety (and let’s be honest – plain old boredom) CHTV and Noname are a welcome diversion. It truly is a case of laughter and love being the very best medicine. Thank you for giving our kids both!