Neepawa Brings Smiles To Miracle Treat Day

Thursday, August 8th is Miracle Treat Day, with 100% of proceeds from every Blizzard® Treat purchased at participating DQ® stores donated to your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. In Manitoba, the money will support the relocation and renovation of the Children’s Hospital Heart Centre.

The success of Miracle Treat Day is largely due to the support and enthusiasm of Dairy Queen staff and owners, like Pam & Tim Brown, who pull out all the stops to make it a day to remember.

“I have been very fortunate to have healthy children and grandchildren,” says Pam, Owner/Operator of the Neepawa Dairy Queen, “so my personal experience with the Children’s Hospital has thankfully been for minor issues. But I know there are so many families that have not had the same good fortune and Miracle Treat Day is a way to help those families.”

More than just a delicious tradition, Miracle Treat Day has been an enormous support to sick kids and their families.

“Dairy Queen has been a cherished partner for more than 30 years raising money for Children’s Hospitals across the country,” says Gary Rozak, Program Director, Children’s Miracle Network Manitoba. “The passion and dedication Pam and her fellow franchisees have to help the kids is inspiring.”

Pam, Tim, and their staff at the Dairy Queen in Neepawa come together every year fueled by their love of kids and desire to help others.

“At our Dairy Queen, we hope that our donations make a difference in someone’s life,” says Pam.

“A staff member compared Miracle Treat Day to Christmas because it’s a stress-free, carefree day. Everyone has oodles of energy and has a great time knowing they are working for a greater purpose. That’s what Miracle Treat Day means to me.”

Such enthusiasm and dedication led to the creation of the Children’s Hospital Foundation Dr. Goodbear Spirit Award, which recognizes the great work of DQ® franchisees on Miracle Treat Day and throughout the year. Pam’s Neepawa store won the award in 2017.

“This incredible day would not happen without all the donations, support and generosity from the staff and the community,” beams Pam. “Businesses call ahead to find out when they can pre-order, volunteers ask if they can join us, and customers are always asking the date for Miracle Treat Day. It’s a really big deal.”

Such a big deal in fact that the community in Neepawa aspires to be the number one franchise in Manitoba, with some customers standing in lines just to contribute.

“It is unreal to think that a town of fewer than 5000 people, plus the surrounding area, can have such an impact,” says Pam. “Being in a small community, you not only know each other, but you also help each other. There are probably less than a handful of families in our area that have not used the services of the Children Hospital. The staff takes great pride in the part we play to help these families. Miracle Treat Day reminds me what an amazing community I live in.”

Bear hugs to Dairy Queen, and their customers, for making a difference in the lives of sick kids in Manitoba, and across the country.

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