Meet Max

When Liz Bannister was 7 weeks pregnant with her second child, she was told she would likely miscarry her baby.

But Liz and that baby kept going.

When Liz was 20 weeks pregnant, an ultrasound showed that her baby had a clubfoot and a problem with his heart.

But Liz and her baby kept going.

On the day of his birth, Liz’ baby boy was born with 8 holes in his heart.

But he still kept going. His loving parents named him Max.

In Max’s first 7 months of life, he survived pneumonia, bronchiolitis, blood clots, bleeding in his gastrointestinal tracts, open heart surgery, a paralyzed vocal cord, and even more.

But he kept going.

Little Max is a miracle. He also had a lot of help – from Children’s Hospital, and from donors like you.

Here at Children’s Hospital, Max underwent more than 20 surgeries over 4 years. At least 20 times, doctors had to dilate his airway to help him breathe. They operated on his trachea. For one entire week he could only breathe via a tube doctors inserted through his tiny neck and into his windpipe.

During this time Max had multiple complications. A cardiac arrest one time. A massive gastrointestinal bleed another.

This little fellow went through a lot in his first 4 years.

But every single time Max was here, the whole hospital was pulling for him. Doctors. Nurses. Allied health professionals. Housekeepers. Even the staff in the restaurants, who came to know Liz and her husband and older son so well.

We know our compassionate family of supporters were pulling for Max, too. Without even knowing him.

That’s what Children’s Hospital donors are like. With each gift you give, you are silently rooting for children and their families to survive, and to get better.

When she talks about how important Children’s Hospital donors are, Liz reflects, “Everyone I speak to about Max shares a personal story about Children’s Hospital and how it has helped someone in their own life. Supporting the hospital ensures that the services will be there when your own grandchild, neighbour, or friend need help.”

Liz remembers the months at Children’s Hospital vividly, of course. “I felt like we were a team. I was involved every step of the way. My input was sought and was respected. They even consulted with me when they thought Max was ready to go home or if they wanted him to stay a little longer.”

“They never gave up on my son. It was amazing what they figured out. Children’s Hospital has some of the best doctors and researchers looking after Max. They were always trying new things, investigating new research, and learning ways to best help a child in Max’s position.”

“This hospital performs miracles. They’ve saved Max’s life on multiple occasions. Max kept fighting – and the team kept fighting alongside him.”