Meet Lillian

My name is Lillian. I am one of the many children who you have helped through your gifts to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. And today I’m writing to say… thank you. If you have a moment, I would like to tell you my story…

It was two years ago – when I was fourteen – that I first started noticing something was wrong. Suddenly I started zoning out. When I became conscious again, I realized I had been staring into space and had no control over what was going on. I didn’t tell anyone at first. If I felt one of these episodes coming on, I would run to the bathroom during class, and sit on the floor until it stopped.

But over the next few months these episodes got worse and more frequent. Finally, a day came when my brother found me convulsing on the floor and called 911. We were visiting Toronto at the time, and so I was rushed to the local hospital. They ran tests on me and discovered I had a cavernoma (a tangle of blood vessels) in my brain that had been causing my seizures. They started me on some anti-seizure medication right away.

But over the next year, these seizures kept happening. My neurologist informed me that Children’s Hospital in Winnipeg had been working hard on developing a surgery for epilepsy in kids like me. Thankfully we were referred to the Pediatric Epilepsy Program at Children’s Hospital.

They took excellent care of me here. The doctors and nurses have told me it’s because donors like you give them the money to do so. Which is why my family and I are so incredibly grateful.

I was referred to an epilepsy/pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Serletis, who was amazing. He always talked to me like I was an adult, and told me what was happening and what the plans for my care were. He spent loads of time reassuring me and making sure I felt safe. He was the most calming person I have ever met, and the nurses and physicians’ assistant came by constantly to check on me. I knew every second that I was in the best hands – and so did my family!

My friends at Children’s Hospital have told me that one of the machines they relied on to help me was a special robotic microscope. Dr. Serletis used it to remove the cavernoma out of my brain, which has helped stop my seizures. As someone who is so grateful for this brilliant medical equipment that saved my life, I’ve decided I want to help Children’s Hospital to raise money to help buy lifesaving equipment. Will you help me?

I met lots of other kids like me when I was in hospital. Some who have much worse conditions than mine. The doctors and nurses are devoted to each of them. But they need the right equipment to be able to do their jobs. So, if you’re able to, please make a donation today to help me raise money for equipment like this robotic microscope – and all the other special machines that our hospital urgently needs.

And thank you once again for all you’ve done to help me!