Meet Kiara

As Nicole and Donald Page bundled their young children into the car after Thanksgiving dinner with their grandparents, three year-old Kiara began to scream.

She sobbed that her head was hurting. Soon she began vomiting.

Within half an hour Kiara was becoming unresponsive and hard to wake up.  Her parents were frantic.

From the minute the family arrived at Children’s Hospital, they were enveloped in care.  And that care exists because of donors like you.

When they discovered that Kiara’s brain had been bleeding due to an undetected AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation), a team of doctors and nurses sprang into action to save her life.

Mom Nicole explains, “It is completely unreal when it is happening to you. Suddenly there is this very real possibility that your child could die. You just want to say ‘take me instead’.”

“Children’s was amazing. From the many doctors on her case, to the nurses that did everything they could to make her more comfortable.” 

Nicole and Donald remember that it was both the big things and the small things that really stood out for them in the care they received – not only for Kiara, but for the whole family.

A nurse got Kiara a popsicle in the middle of the night because she wanted to try eating. Another nurse made sure her twin sister got a supper tray too, because they said she would eat better if her twin was having the same thing.

In the meantime, doctors were helping Mom and Dad understand what was going on, and answering their many questions. “Sometimes the same question repeatedly, because we couldn’t remember asking, or couldn’t remember the answer.”

From start to finish, from ‘little’ to big, donors like you played a big part in Kiara’s care that night.

That’s what makes Children’s Hospital so special. Our doctors and nurses and researchers serve our little ones with the love and care of a village, but also with world-class technology and expertise.

Kiara pulled through this terrifying ordeal, and doctors are confident that soon all that will remain of Kiara’s experience will be a small scar.

For her part, Nicole has an important message she wants to send to our wonderful donors: “They couldn’t have done it without you!” From the bottom of my heart – thank you! The care they gave Kiara was so fantastic, and they did it while holding our hands as well. They couldn’t have done it without you!”

Please help kids like Kiara today….because sick children need YOU now!