Meet Superhero Janelle

For over seven years, when it came to the holiday season most children are making their list and checking it twice, but teenager Janelle Campagne was checking off items on a more important list.

In 2010 Janelle had to spend time in the hospital around Christmas. Fortunately for her, she was able to come home for the holidays, but the numerous children who didn’t left a lasting impact.

“I was in the hospital close to Christmas and I saw how many kids were there and it was really sad because I got to go home for Christmas but they didn’t,” Janelle said. “I felt really bad because they didn’t get anything, they didn’t get to see Santa or put up a Christmas tree or anything so that inspired me to start the toy drive.”

2017 marked the final year of her toy campaign bringing in a record of 500 toys, gift cards, and support for the kids.

“I think it’s amazing. I hear a lot of good comments and I’m really proud of myself,” Janelle said. “This isn’t the end of my fundraising, I’m just going to do something else to support. I’m still figuring out what”.

Janelle’s effort has been so impressive that former St. Boniface MP Shelley Glover mentioned her in Parliament a few years ago as a way to recognize her selfless work.

Janelle’s mom, Andrée, said her daughter has a big heart and she’s happy to see her learning the value of giving back at such a young age.

“Her dad and I are really proud of her; she came up with the idea herself. It’s important for Janelle, she loves doing this because she wants to put a smile on their faces,” Andrée said.

Thanks Janelle for bringing your joy and inspiration to the children and the staff here at the hospital. You are awesome!

If you want to be like Janelle, learn how by contacting Courtney at 204-787-8588.