Meet Ethan

“Why my child?” “Is this my fault? Did we do something wrong?”

A billion questions race through your mind when you are told that your child is seriously ill. And the most fervent one is …. “Can anybody help us?”

No parent should have to hear that their baby has leukemia. But as a mother who sat in a doctor’s office hearing those words I can tell you this:

If a child you love is ever taken ill, there is someone who will help you. The incredible doctors, nurses and staff of HSC Winnipeg Children’s Hospital.


And there is no better place that child could be.


Our little boy, Ethan, was only 10 months old when he was diagnosed with leukemia. You can imagine the impact those words had on our family. But the wonderful medical team at Children’s Hospital stayed with us, every step of the way.

The staff at Children’s Hospital are working harder than ever right now, as COVID-19 has brought extra challenges in delivering care to sick and injured children.

It’s been hard on the little patients and their families too.

With an already short list of things Ethan could do, we had to also cross out visitors for him and playing in the playroom, which had to be closed because of the virus. The biggest struggle for him is only being able to have one parent at a time. He is used to the both of us being with him always, and was upset that we couldn’t both stay with him.

My husband and I helped him understand that this new rule was there to keep everybody safe – and we are so grateful for how well the staff here care about each child.

You see, in order for the medical teams to ensure patients’ safety during COVID-19, our medical teams have had to change the way they operate.

They have identified a number of new pieces of medical equipment that are now desperately needed to ensure patients’ safety and wellbeing are the number one priority.

Medical equipment like a Video Laryngoscope. That’s why I’m writing to ask if you will renew your support by sending a gift to help the hospital purchase this desperately needed equipment.

Instead of being right up close to patients, video camera technology allows doctors to keep a safer distance, protecting the kids and monitoring what they are doing on a screen.

This machine is so important because when there is no other way to get a little one breathing, it is absolutely essential that the team has this equipment to use.


You and I have a chance today to help.

Your gift joins together with donations from other supporters to make this purchase.


Our little boy has lived through two years of intensive therapy, including chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. And in all that time, there has never been a day we have questioned or doubted his medical team.

In gratitude to the medical staff who have become like “family” to us, we want to give back by sharing our story to ensure all sick kids like my son have access to the medical equipment they need.


Please know, from a family on the ‘frontlines’ like we are – you make such an enormous impact through your support of the Children’s Hospital. You fund the research into the treatment, and the equipment that keeps our children alive.

With every gift you give, you are saying to a family like ours, “We believe in you. You’ve got this. Your little one is going to be okay.”

Thank you to all the donors for all you’ve done for Ethan and for our family. I will never forget that the generosity and compassion of our neighbours gave us back our little boy.


With sincere best wishes,

Dearly Pasco, Ethan’s grateful mom.