Meet Cohen

It is a horrible thing to see your child in pain.

When Cohen was younger, he was always very thin, and we could see that he wasn’t growing at the same pace as his friends. When we began seeing his ribs, and he lost his appetite, we knew something was wrong.

It was on Cohen’s 10th birthday that he spiked the serious fever that led to doctors discovering he had inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), also called Crohn’s disease. In fact, the very first day we met with Children’s Hospital’s specialist, Dr. El-Matary, he got Cohen a colonoscopy and endoscopy within a week – it was that serious.

Since that day, Children’s Hospital has been a lifeline for our family. Dr. El-Matary and his team have the most compassionate bedside manner. Every single nurse in the gastroenterology and pediatric day unit has made us feel welcome and at home. And all the medical team have gone above and beyond in their care.

I’m sure you can imagine just how horribly invasive and painful bowel scopes are for children. Dr. El-Matary has been trained to use a special ultrasound machine that will reduce the need for children to undergo bowel scopes during diagnosis and treatment, making it much more bearable. But Children’s Hospital does not have one of these valuable machines.

Watching your child suffer through bowel disease (Crohn’s and colitis) is almost unbearable. I wouldn’t wish this illness on an adult, let alone a young child.

As the mother of a child with inflammatory bowel disease, please believe me when I tell you that when your child is sick like this, you only wish for two things:

  • First, a team of the world’s very best doctors and nurses, who know exactly how to ease your child’s pain, and how to help you ensure that he lives the very best life he possibly can. Doctors and nurses who treat your son just like their own child.
  • Second, a ‘village’ of compassionate people who give those doctors and nurses all the resources and equipment they need to take care of him.

Because of you – and because of the Children’s Hospital of Manitoba – my son and I are blessed with both of those things.

It still makes us emotional to think of all our child has gone through and will continue to struggle with his whole life with Crohn’s disease. But it’s very important to Cohen that we help other children facing the same struggles he did. I hope by sharing Cohen’s story you’ll be inspired to help me raise funds to help other children, and to ultimately give this tough journey a purpose.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you have given my son, Cohen. For those who don’t know us, making gifts that will help a stranger’s child – who you may never even meet – is an incredibly generous and selfless act. There are no words to let you know how much that touches me.

Cohen Combat’s Crohn’s

Cohen and his family created Cohen Combat’s Crohn’s, a fundraising campaign to help with the purchase of a new intestinal ultrasound machine. They were able to raise $64,912 towards the purchase of a new machine that will help kids like Cohen. Thank you to all involved in helping make this equipment purchase possible!