Meet Brady

Brady Bobrowich was a healthy, happy baby, when at five months old his parents noticed small spots forming around different areas of his body. Tests revealed that Brady had Type 1 Neurofibromatosis. This genetic disorder causes tumours to form on tissues in the nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord.

As you can imagine, it was a terrifying diagnosis for Brady’s parents to hear. For a while there were no other symptoms. But when Brady was six, scoliosis appeared – a curve in his spine. An MRI showed the little boy had a large tumour growing off his spine into his chest cavity.

By age nine he needed surgery on his spine. Then another tumour grew behind Brady’s left eye. A rare condition like Brady’s brings with it many questions. Parents Corinne and Brad struggled to know what the future would hold for their child. But help came in the form of Children’s Hospital’s Dr. Issai Vanan – and specialist programs funded directly by donors like you.

“Dr. Issai Vanan was a godsend to us – he spent hours talking to us about Brady’s condition and treatment options. Brady’s spine surgeon, Dr. Michael Johnson, has also been amazing.”

Staff at Children’s Hospital were there every step of the way for Brady.

“They make you feel like family. Everyone is there to support you no matter how tough things get.” Corinne believes deeply that Children’s Hospital has made all the difference to Brady. Now eleven years old, he plays hockey and baseball, and is learning guitar and loves fishing with his dad. Corinne is sharing his story to let donors like you know that you made it all possible.

“I was unaware before that Manitoba Health does not support all the programs that are being done within the Children’s Hospital. I don’t think the general public know the amount of dollars that come from the Foundation to support these very critical programs, which have changed the lives of so many kids. For those donors who have put their hard-earned dollars into this Foundation – which has so immensely helped our son – all I can say is Thank you … Thank you … Thank you.”

“There are no words to thank supporters enough for giving our son a life in which he can be as any other 11-year-old.”