Making Miracles Happen Through Treats

On one very special day this month a trip to Dairy Queen delivers more than just delicious treats. It also offers up a fun and tasty way to support the Children’s Hospital.

Miracle Treat Day takes place on Thursday August 8th, with 100% of proceeds from every Blizzard® Treat purchased at participating DQ® stores donated to your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to help children in need.

For Jo Unger, Owner of the Steinbach Dairy Queen, it’s all about making a difference for the kids that need it most.

“I went to a thank you luncheon that the Children’s Hospital Foundation put on and Dr. Michael Narvey spoke about how the money we raised is actually saving lives,” recalls Jo.

“It was a big point in my life to learn that because of our fundraising, a portable ultrasound was now available to help sick kids get a faster diagnosis. To see the difference we and our customers are making is amazing.”

Miracle Treat Day is always extremely busy at the Steinbach location, with drive thru line-ups stretching right out to the highway.

“It’s a very exciting day,” says Jo. “We bring in local dignitaries, politicians, media stations broadcast live and the sense of community is incredible. People come in and share their stories about Children’s Hospital. It’s a very emotional day.”

It’s that emotion and commitment that makes Dairy Queen Owners and staff such important community partners.

“Dairy Queen has been a cherished partner for more than 30 years raising money for Children’s Hospitals across the country,” says Gary Rozak, Program Director, Children’s Miracle Network Manitoba. “The passion and dedication Jo and her fellow franchisees have to help the kids is inspiring.”

Jo in particular embraces the spirit of the day. Putting her whole heart into the event, Jo makes sure local businesses have pre-order forms and works tirelessly to get the word out to help make a difference for the kids. It’s enthusiasm that is shared by her dedicated employees.

“The staff gets really excited,” says Jo. “Every year they work so hard to beat their goal. We are open from 10am until 11pm and the excitement grows right through the day into the night. Community businesses buy for their staff, and lots of people even order in advance. It’s a crazy, moving, wonderful day!”

Bear hugs to Jo, Dairy Queen, and their customers, for making a difference in the lives of sick kids in Manitoba, and across the country!

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