KidFish: Making A Difference One Fish At A Time

Each year in Selkirk, a hearty group of Manitobans head onto the Red River in support of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

KidFish Ice Derby happens every year in January. Not only is it a great way to raise funds for kids in need, it’s also a perfect opportunity to get kids and their families immersed in outdoor sports.

“It makes sense for us to support the Children’s Hospital,” says Garther Cheung, Organizing Committee, KidFish. “As our motto states, ‘It’s All about The Kids’.  We wanted to help all kids in need, and the Children’s Hospital supports a whole spectrum of kids and families who could use a helping hand.  It’s very rewarding knowing you can help a child fight their battles.”

The amazing work of the Children’s Hospital once hit very close to home for the Cheung family.

“The Children’s Hospital played a big part in my youngest daughter’s battle when she was only 5 months old,” remembers Garther. “She had a hole in her heart that required open heart surgery.  The staff and doctors at the Children’s Hospital were amazing in helping us through that difficult time.  Whether it’s personal or not, helping kids doesn’t require much motivation, it comes automatically with a big heart.”

In 2018, the KidFish Ice Derby gathered more than 1,000 participants and raised over $60,000 – split between the Children’s Hospital Foundation and another charity. These funds have helped purchase many things including phone cards so parents can call home, toys, video games and pizza parties for the cancer ward. The amazing contribution from KidFish is deeply appreciated by the Foundation.

“The KidFish team is incredible”, says Courtney Leiman, Community Events Manager, Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. “Their passion for kids goes beyond fishing. They want to make a difference in the community and it shows.”

Bear hugs to KidFish Ice Derby organizers and participants. Thanks for making a difference in the lives of Manitoba’s sick kids.

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