Elfriede's 51 Years of Caring

Elfriede Campbell is as committed a supporter of Children’s Hospital as you are ever likely to meet. This dedicated supporter has made a donation to the hospital every single year since 1964. That’s 7 years before the Foundation even existed! Elfriede’s generosity began shortly after her one-year-old son had surgery to remove an eye tumour that had been there since birth. When asked why she’s been so dedicated to supporting Children’s Hospital, Elfriede remembers back to that time ….

“It was because my children had had care there at one time or another – mainly my son. I was always very grateful for what they did.”

Like any community hospital, Children’s played host to Elfriede’s family numerous times during their lives. “As Ron got older he was always tripping over his feet, as children will, and often injured his head. He had to go to the hospital numerous times for stitches. We must have visited the emergency department with our son 4 or 5 years in a row – stitches, ear infection.” “At 16 my daughter tore all the ligaments in her knee when she was pushed off the platform of an amusement park ride her leg got caught. She was in the hospital for a time.” But these days, Elfriede’s children Ron and Bonnie are doing well, and have children of their own.

“My children are grown now but I have grandchildren who have needed the service. My grandson had asthma and I went with my daughter to emergency. When your child can’t breathe and you don’t know why, it’s pretty scary. He grew out of it, but it was scary at first.” But Elfriede’s concern and spirit of philanthropy doesn’t end with her own family. “It isn’t just for my children. There are so many more children who need help. It’s important for children to get good care to lead a good life, but if they don’t get it in the beginning they could go half their life with problems.

It’s just a really good cause. Children’s Hospital is where they get that care.” Elfriede, we salute your kindness and your compassion for the children of Manitoba. Thank you for your first donation that day back in 1964 – and for the lifetime of care you have offered ever since.