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Community Champion: Meet Herdith

The Children’s Hospital Foundation would like to say thank you to Herdith Flaig, a long time Guild member and recent Nearly New Shop volunteer.

Like so many of our volunteers, Herdith’s connection to Children’s Hospital began many years ago, rooted in the love of children.

“I got involved with the Rh program in l969 after being told that it would be very risky to have another child,” says Herdith. “My 4th baby needed numerous transfusions. When I was approached about the plasmapheresis program I was anxious to join as I wanted to prevent other mothers and babies going through what we did.”

“…I thought I would donate plasma for a year, but it actually turned into 40 years and more than 1600 donations.”


One of the nurses working with Herdith in the plasmapheresis program was involved with the Guild and asked if she would like to join.

“The Guild did a lot of knitting and sewing items for the hospital which was something I could do in my ‘spare’ time,” recalls Herdith. “I joined in l984 and participated in craft sales, the book sale and kept on knitting. Over the years I have become good friends with the members and still keep in touch with many of them.”

Through various fundraising projects each year, the Children’s Hospital Guild of Manitoba works to better the health care received by Manitoba’s sick kids.

While balancing the demands of work, family and other commitments, the Guild offers a diverse array of volunteer opportunities. These include the Annual Teddy Bear’s Picnic, the Children’s Hospital Book Market, Bake and Trinket Sales, Craft Nights and many more.

It was about 6 years ago that Herdith was talking to her friend Marie-Alice about doing some additional volunteer work and she suggested another Guild Project; the Nearly New Shop. That suggestion led Herdith to an entirely new group of people and a job she truly enjoys.

“It’s a very unique shop, that really serves a need in the community,” says Herdith. “A lot of the customers are quite surprised to hear that the shop is run strictly by volunteers. We often have to explain that the money we raise by selling the donated items goes to the Children’s Hospital.”

Herdith’s motivation to give back comes straight from the heart.

“A very premature grand child was born just before my husband died in 1999 and I vowed at that time to do more for the Children’s Hospital,” says Herdith. “The care that baby and the whole family received has never been forgotten. It also keeps me busy. Without having volunteer commitments I think I would be hibernating all winter.”

Bear hugs to Herdith Flaig and all of our amazing volunteers for making sick kids feel better!

The Children’s Hospital Guild of Manitoba welcomes both men and women and are always looking for new members. Find out more about how to get involved with the Guild.