Carol's Miracle

“I give to Children’s Hospital because they gave me a miracle.”

Monthly giving is a wonderful and easy way to support Children’s Hospital. For Carol Corder, it is also a great way to say thanks.

On a winter’s night back in 1973, Carol was in Swan River, in hospital on bed rest.

My unborn baby and I were in huge trouble,” remembers Carol. “Back then they didn’t have baby monitors to check if the baby was in distress, but I was definitely in distress.

On the afternoon of December 23, after an intense labour, Carol’s beloved son, Danan, was born. But he was in such distress that doctors didn’t even stop to check to see if he was a boy or a girl – they were frantically doing all they could to get him breathing.

By Christmas Eve, baby Danan still wasn’t breathing properly. Doctors made the call to transfer him to the NICU at Children’s Hospital.

It was Christmas Eve when the ambulance drove from Swan River to Winnipeg in an ice storm,” says Carol. “I wasn’t allowed to go so my husband went along with our baby. I never even had a chance to hold him.

In Winnipeg, a doctor was waiting at the doors of Children’s Hospital when the ambulance arrived. The medical team sprang into action – attaching probes to the tiny body and using electrical impulses to get his organs started.

Back in Swan River, Carol stayed in the hospital with her own mother by her side, constantly checking the clock.

“They had told me that he would be lucky to live for 72 hours. So for 3 days we hoped and we prayed and we counted hour by hour.”

Carol’s husband called her on Christmas Day. Baby Danan was still alive! He was coming out of distress and his breathing was regulating.

It was a miracle,” Carol firmly believes. “They gave me a miracle.

That is why Carol is still a passionate Children’s Hospital supporter today.

“I give monthly to the Children’s Hospital because NICU gave me a miracle. I cannot explain how important NICU is to me and my life. Children’s Hospital means the difference between life and death for so many babies.”