Community Partner: Dufresne's Difference

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba is celebrating Dufresne Furniture & Appliances for their incredible support of our Book Market.

As a sponsor since 2004, it’s difficult to imagine the Book Market without Dufresne.

It is a relationship that works.

“Our partnership with Dufresne is a very special one,” says Carol Irving, Children’s Hospital Book Market Coordinator. “We have come to think of them not only as our Corporate/Title sponsor but also as our friends.”

That appreciation flows both ways.

“At Dufresne we are committed to giving back to the communities where we do business,” says Larry Millar, Director of Brand Marketing, Dufresne. “The Children’s Hospital Foundation is a wonderful cause and the Book Market is a perfect fit for our company. The team are an absolute pleasure to work with and we greatly value the partnership.”

This wonderful relationship has introduced the Book Market to an entirely new audience.

“Dufresne has been generous with their time and advice to help grow Book Market in so many ways,” says Irving.

“From suggesting new table signage to all the wonderful creative artwork and heartwarming TV ads, they have made an incredible difference. From the very beginning, Dufresne has broadened and improved our public exposure, advertising, and marketing, which has increased our demographic reach and our sales totals.”

For the staff at Dufresne, it’s a labour of love that the entire team can get behind.
“We get the message out to the public about when the Book Markets take place,” says Millar. “Our staff volunteer for shifts at the event and our in-store bins overflow with books! We have been a part of the Book Market for 13 years, and look forward to helping grow the Book Market even further in the future.”

Bear hugs to the amazing folks at Dufresne for their on-going commitment to helping sick kids feel better!

If you want to get your company involved in making a difference for the kids, contact Gary Rozak at