An interview with Dr. Geert

When Dr. Geert Jong isn’t taking care of our community’s children at Children’s Hospital, he’s in the lab understanding the impacts of the medicines we give to our kids.

“We have a responsibility and opportunity to provide our children with the best care we possibly can give.”

Q: Explain the research you do here at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba?

As a pediatrician, I provide care to children who are admitted to the wards in the hospital and children that come to our clinics. We still have much to learn about how drugs work in kids, and how we can make sure they are safe, effective, and suitable for the little ones.

My work as a physician and as a researcher drives my interest in the way drugs are handled by the human body, and whether there are differences in the way this is done between different people.

We are also involved with an American network that does clinical trials in children and we recently started a project analyzing large databases to look at antibiotic use in young children and the potential health risks in the longer term.

Q: With your credentials you could have worked anywhere. Why did you decide to come to the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba to do your research?

A: It’s a very motivating environment with excellent researchers and world-class facilities. Because of its size, it’s easy to make connections with other researchers and work together. We have an amazing team that is really open to collaboration and many of the tools needed for my research are available here.

Q: How have donor dollars made a difference in your work?

A: The financial support of the Foundation has an impact every day, and enables me and my colleagues to do such an important job. I recently received a grant for a project I am currently working on – a project made possible through donations. I was brought to Winnipeg and given an establishment fund, and have been able to use that for some of my research. This could not have been done without the donations, small and large, of people dedicating time and energy to the Foundation, and giving to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

Q: A generation from now, what difference do you hope your research will make?

A: I hope that through my research, clinical care, and leadership I can really touch the lives of parents and children in Manitoba and beyond. My research is a contribution to an enormous effort that many researchers all over the world make to provide safe and effective medicines for children. We have a responsibility and opportunity to provide our children with the best care we possibly can give, and I am thrilled to be part of this commitment.

Modified in February 2017


Dr. Geert Jong is making sure that the medicines we give our kids are safe and effective. Your donations make his discoveries possible. Thank you!