Children Have Heart

Children are our future, and if the kids involved in HEART are any indication, the future is bright!

HEART, is a Junior Achievement Company run by 15 students from Nelson McIntyre Collegiate and Windsor Park Collegiate. Teachers Ryan Sabourin and Daniel Winters along with Louis Riel School Division Career and Entrepreneurship Consultant Adriano Magnifico serve as mentors and supervisors of the students.

“HEART has become a natural extension of the team’s mindset and sensibility,” says Mr. Sabourin. “Not only does everyone have one, both literally and metaphorically, but also our brand is a fun and strategic way to connect to the emotions and feelings of potential customers. We love being in a school activity that tests our problem-solving skills, connects us to professionals, offers real life outcomes, and introduces us to the real world of business.”

The aptly named business sells palm sized hearts made out of reclaimed laminated hardwoods that are destined for the landfill. Inside each heart, a strong earth magnet is used to declutter metals that fall loose in bags or purses. This includes keys, spare change, pins, paper clips, jewelry, and more.

Created at the beginning of the 2017-18 school year, HEART is competing in the Junior Achievement Company Program for Manitoba. Junior Achievement is a business program for high school students aiming to help youth build business and communication skills that contribute to achieving success after high school.

At the outset, the team wanted to donate a portion of profits to a charity.  Upon hearing about the work of the Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Unit and its impact on children, HEART decided they wanted to do their part to help kids who suffer from the debilitating effects of brain-related injuries and issues.

“Our company appreciates the value of supporting a charity that increases the quality of life for children in Manitoba,” says Katy Hawthorne, President of HEART. “As a child I received care from the Children’s Hospital of Manitoba that saved my life, and I am thrilled to build this partnership and give back to the community that provided me with care and support when it was most needed. The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba is the perfect charity to help us make a difference for sick children in our community.”

The Children’s Hospital Foundation is appreciative of a program that values the concept of giving back.

“It is always remarkable when kids reach out to help other kids,” says Courtney Leiman, Annual and Mid-Level Giving Officer, Children’s Hospital. “We are so grateful to this group of high school students for having the empathy and understanding to want to assist the youth in our community. When we teach children the importance of giving back, amazing things begin to happen.”

Working to improve the quality of life for children, HEART will donate 20% of sales revenue to The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

“Making the hearts brings our team together in a spirit of collaboration and positive synergy,” says Mr. Sabourin. “Every wooden heart touches the hands of each team member during production. This constantly reminds us of our mission to build a handcrafted, qualitative product and to help children lead more fulfilling and healthy lives. We’ve come to understand, nothing about what we are or do is more important than our partnership with the Children’s Hospital Foundation.”

Congratulations to HEART on raising $1,500 to date! You have become amazing entrepreneurs changing that lives of sick kids in Manitoba.

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