10 Reasons to Give

  1. You will feel great that you helped a sick child. Nothing beats feeling great! But if you still need more reasons…
  2. Your gift buys specialized equipment for tests, surgeries, treatments and ongoing care for kids who need it. Kids like Pacey.
  3. Your gift helps make every kid’s stay at the hospital a little brighter, through books, toys, crafts, music and even a clown!
  4. Your gift can help ease the stress of tests for kids like Aidan, who looks forward to watching a show via special goggles he can wear during long MRIs.
  5. Your gift supports research into childhood illness right here at Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba, so kids like Amy can laugh and play!
  6. You’ll help kids like Janessa (and her new kidney, Bob!) stay connected to their home communities while they’re in hospital.
  7. If your gift is monthly, you can be a Miracle Maker like Cheryl, and help create a dependable source of funds so the Foundation can quickly meet the most urgent needs of frontline staff.
  8. With a gift in your will, you can ensure all kids continue getting the best care possible for years to come.
  9. Every donation gives families hope and helps them feel there is a community of support for their sick or injured child.
  10. Sick kids can’t wait. Your gift is needed now so please donate today!