Manitoba Metis Heritage Fund Invests In Improved Emergency Childcare

Winnipeg, MB, July 6, 2017 – This morning, the Manitoba Métis Heritage Fund (MMHF), the official charity of the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF), donated $50,000 to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba in support of the Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids (TREKK) program, at the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba.

The TREKK program is a national network of researchers, clinicians, partners, patients and families that share the common goal of improving emergency care for children. TREKK takes a “storytelling” approach used by the Children’s Hospital while delivering care to children as they visit emergency rooms. The program is based here in Manitoba.

The funds for the TREKK program were raised in partnership with the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba at the MMHF’s inaugural gala fundraiser “A Night to Remember” on May 12, 2017, where 400 guests packed the Fort Garry Hotel and were presented the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in Métis culture.

“We are very grateful to the Manitoba Métis Heritage Fund for hosting the wonderful ‘A Night to Remember’ gala and contributing this generous donation in support of TREKK,” stated Lawrence Prout, President & CEO, Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. “Having a partnership like this one is imperative to helping doctors, nurses and allied professionals provide the best care for our kids across this country.”

“The majority of sick and injured children in Canada are managed within nursing stations or emergency departments that are not part of a children’s hospital,” stated Dr. Terry Klassen, CEO and Scientific Director, the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba and Network Director, TREKK. “Thanks to the Manitoba Métis Heritage Fund for supporting the delivery of the right resources and training for all children in emergency rooms across the country, no matter where they live – urban, rural, or remote. Because of this presentation today, there is a greater chance a child’s life will be saved.”

Denise Thomas, Chairperson for the MMHF, echoed Mr. Prout and Dr. Klassen, “Ensuring our Métis families have access to meaningful and appropriate materials when seeking emergency care for their children is important to Manitoba’s Métis government and the Manitoba Métis Community.”

The MMHF would like to thank the many individuals, volunteers, and sponsors who contributed to the gala’s success. These include Media Sponsors – CTV Bell Media and NCI Radio; Diamond Sponsors – Metis N4 Construction Inc. and Forbes Brothers Powerline Construction Ltd.; and Platinum Sponsor – the Manitoba Métis Federation.”

To learn more on the impact TREKK is making because of donors like the Manitoba Métis Heritage Fund, click here.