Keeping Manitoba on the Leading Edge of Neurosurgery

Children’s Hospital – Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg first pediatric health facility in Canada using state-of-the-art neuro-microscope

Lillian Moore’s life was not average. The teenager spent countless moments hiding, feeling confused, but knowing that the current episode would likely pass and allow her to resume her day. The episodes were common, but never regular and then came the day she suffered a massive seizure. Rushed to a hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Lillian was informed by doctors that they had discovered a cluster of blood vessels in her brain. The leading place for her life-saving treatment was Children’s Hospital-Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg (HSC), she was told, where a neuro-microscope had recently been added to the tools available to the hospital’s interdisciplinary neurosciences team.

Thanks to donors, the purchase of the neuro-microscope ensured the latest diagnostic and surgical resource was available to help save Lillian’s life.

“Nearly two years ago, the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba began work to secure the latest in neuro surgical equipment, a microscope that could provide 120 degree viewing, discovering the unexplored areas while looking around corners, and eliminating blind spots”, said Stefano Grande, President & CEO, Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

“The support of donors has allowed us to enhance and support the incredible work of Children’s Hospital-HSC’s neurosciences team and has made Manitoba a leader in this area. We are endlessly grateful for the generosity of Manitobans.”

Children’s Hospital-HSC is the first pediatric health care facility in Canada with this microscope and the second in North America. The $1 million Zeiss Kinevo 900 neuro-microscope was purchased by the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba with the generous support of partners including the Provinciano family, RE/MAX and Dairy Queen Canada. It has been in use over the past year and continues to be instrumental in surgical care.

“Our teams provide excellent care,” said Ronan Segrave, chief operating officer, HSC. “The support of donors allows for the purchase of state-of-the-art tools, like the new neuro-microscope, that keep our providers on the leading edge of clinical practice and allow us to provide the absolute best care to kids.”

The Children’s Hospital Foundation is seeking donations to fund the $200,000 balance remaining on the purchase of the microscope. To support this transformation in our neurosurgical program, donate today.

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