Children’s Hospital Book Market

There are some books we receive that are simply not marketable so we ask that you please refrain from donating these types of books.

Please note: We do not accept library discards in any category.

The following types of books are not accepted:

  • Adventure fiction, these are adult paperback books that say ADVENTURE on the spine, excludes non fiction and children’s books
  • Almanacs over 3 years
  • American Heritage
  • Atlas-Maximillan School Atlas and Dent’s School Atlas
  • Childcraft
  • Coles Notes, Barrons, Cliffs
  • Computer books over 3 years
  • Consumer Reports over 1 year
  • Encyclopedias
  • Financial advice - over 5 years
  • Fiction library discards (hard cover, soft cover or trade)
  • Funk & Wagnall Wildlife
  • Gardening over 12 years
  • Fiction Library discards (hard cover, soft cover or trade)
  • History School Texts
  • Illustrated Natural History of Canada
  • Illustrated Library of the World & its People
  • Income Tax Material
  • Jacques Cousteau Series
  • Law Books
  • Life Cycle Library
  • Life Science Library
  • Life World Library
  • Mystery library discards (hard cover, soft cover or trade)
  • Modern Business Sets
  • National Geographic Geography-America’s Mountains, America’s wilderness etc.
  • New York Times Library Index
  • Readers Digest (condensed leather bound) (keep Art, Large Print and How to Books)
  • School Geography texts
  • Science Yearbooks
  • Shorthand or Typing books
  • Weekly magazines such as McLeans or Time
  • Women’s Weekly