Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba Announces New Leadership

Following an extensive national search, The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba has announced its new President & CEO with the appointment of Stefano Grande.

“We are thrilled to announce that Stefano Grande will join our team,” states Dean Schinkel, Chair, Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba Board of Directors. “With a proven track record of success and passion for his community, Stefano was the perfect choice to lead us into the future.”

Mr. Grande brings over 25 years of experience, most recently transforming the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ and ensuring service excellence with corporations, small businesses, and increased advocacy for the general public’s safety and housing for the homeless.

“The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba is a strong organization built on support from donors and volunteers,” states Mr. Grande. “As a proud father of three that has used the services multiple times, I am honoured to lead the Foundation to new levels of fundraising success and look forward to creating a significant opportunity to positively impact children’s health across our region.”

Mr. Gary Rozak will continue to serve as Interim President & CEO until mid-September when the formal transition of leadership will take place.