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85% of children who need emergency care in Canada are treated in general emergency departments.
40% get a treatment that isn’t beneficial or may be harmful.

Children are not small adults – they have unique differences that need specialized knowledge and care. As many as 40% of children who visit general emergency departments do not receive evidence-based treatment and up to 20% received non-beneficial or even harmful treatment. Developing child health expertise in a general emergency department setting can be difficult and accessing child-specific training is a challenge.

Led by Dr. Terry Klassen and based in Manitoba, Translating Emergency Knowledge for Kids (TREKK) is a national network with the vision for every child to receive the highest standard of care wherever they are treated.

In the past ten years, TREKK has transformed how general emergency departments treat childhood conditions and has improved the quality of care for thousands of children in Canada, especially those who live in rural or remote regions. They are now connected to 67 community emergency departments across all 10 provinces and 1 territory.

With your investment, TREKK can continue to provide:

  • Instant access to resources via its website and app
  • Reviews and updates for current TREKK resources
  • Knowledge sharing through TREKK’s broad network of emergency departments

You can help make sure that all children get the help they need.

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