Our Kids Need A Place To Play

$400,000 of $400,000 Raised

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba is raising funds to redevelop the indoor and outdoor play spaces for the Child & Adolescent Mental Health inpatient unit. Imagine not having a safe space where you can exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and smell the fresh air when you are a patient with a mental health diagnosis. The new space, which will include a sports area and pergola for yoga, will create a healthy and safe indoor and outdoor play space so that patients will see a reduction in depression, anxiety, and stress, teaching them coping tools for the future.

“Play is essential to give children the opportunities to laugh and grow.”

Between 500 and 600 children ages 10-17 are admitted to the 14-bed Child & Adolescent Mental Health inpatient unit every year. The unit serves youth with a range of acute mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis and suicide attempts or ideation. The care is evidence-based and provided by an inter-professional team of health care providers through a family-focused lens.

This campaign has been completed. Thank you to every single donor who helped make this project possible.