Music Therapy Expansion Program

$3,275 of $140,000 Raised

The sounds of a hospital are jarring for anybody – constant alarms, PA announcements, code calls, incessant beeping. For a child, these offensive noises can be scary and overwhelming. But what happens when children can combat everyday hospital sounds with a little noise of their own?

The music therapy program at the Children’s Hospital only has one music therapist. In 2018, she alone provided over 2,300 visits. The program provides services to children from birth to 17 years of age and their families across 12 patients units.

A session may involve playing an instrument, listing to a tune, or writing their own songs as a way to deal with their emotions. You may hear a guitar gently strumming, and a woman’s voice singing. Or the chords of a piano, or a maraca. And – of course – you’ll often hear at least one little-girl voice belting out Frozen’s “Let it Go”.

Help this program expand to provide not only a healthy distraction, but teach children tools to cope.

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If campaign goal is achieved, additional dollars will be allocated to the area of greatest need.