Library Expansion Program

$180,000 of $180,000 Raised

When in a hospital, getting transported to a new world within the pages of a book can liven kids up and serve as a mental playground.

The Book Corner, which opened in 1988, is a lending library for inpatients and their families that offers books, DVDs and magazines for all ages. Library staff provide one-on-one reading sessions, and visit the wards with book and DVD lending cards every day. The Book Corner brings a piece of normal life into the hospital environment for patients and their families. It helps to minimize stress and supports patients’ recreational, emotional, cultural and educational needs.

In 2018, the Book Corner circulated 13,206 books, movies and magazines to patients and their families – almost 5,000 more than last year! Staff and volunteers visited over 10,000 children with book and DVD cards and over 1,000 patients had a story read to them.

With the need for more resources, we need to increase library services. With your support, they can:

  1. Create a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit reading program to support families who spend long days, weeks and months on the unit.
  2. Expand and enhance the grief package content, to help families in the best way possible at the time when they need it the most.
  3. Develop a reading program in the Manitoba RSV Prophylaxis program clinic, where children with RSV infections are required to spend time in hospital for hydration and oxygen.
  4. Increase the availability of resources for Indigenous children and their families.

With your investment, the Children’s Hospital family library can continue to play an essential role in supporting family-centered care.

How to Support Programs like the Library Program

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