CHTV Revitalization Project

$160,000 of $160,000 Raised

Television viewing is alarmingly high amongst children, but when children are hospitalized, isolated and unable to participate in other activities, screen time becomes excessive. To address this issue, the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba provided a grant that launched the Children’s Hospital television station (CHTV) in 1981.

The first of its kind in Canada, CHTV provides an alternative, non-commercial programming for patients and families at no cost. ‘The Good Day Show’ starting Noname the mascot puppet is one of the popular shows. Each patient and their family have the opportunity to watch and partake in the television programs, allowing children to be entertained and educated during treatment.

With your investment, the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba can help the Children’s Hospital-HSC Winnipeg remain a pioneer in the field of pediatric television. Help invest in providing our children with quality entertainment.

How to Support Programs Like CHTV

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