Build a New Heart Centre

$15,700,000 of $17,700,000 Raised

A lot has changed since 1987 at the HSC Winnipeg Children’s Hospital Heart Centre. Conditions that were once fatal are now manageable. Young cardiac patients are living longer, healthier lives than ever before but many are frail, and in need of ongoing medical care. The caseload has increased from 1,800 to 6,000 children.

The current space is no longer adequate to treat these young patients who come through our doors. The waiting room is cramped; there is a lack of treatment and stress test areas, and many areas lack privacy, making it difficult to have conversations where a parent may hear that their child has a heart condition for the first time. In addition, some patients were being sent to Edmonton or Vancouver with their doctor to get catheterization procedures done. Minor procedures are completed when there is space available with borrowed equipment.

The current pediatric Cardiology Clinic is across the street from the lifesaving services of the Children’s Hospital. If a child is in severe cardiac distress and needs immediate help, there are no services available on-site and the child has to be sent across the street. Even the elevator in the building will not accommodate a stretcher or equipment. With your support, the Heart Centre can be relocated to the 4th floor of the Diagnostic Centre of Excellence Building. This location is optimal as it is in the same location as the Cardiac MRI,  Children’s Emergency, the intensive care unit, and other essential services.

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Heart Centre Update — Fall 2020

Construction is well underway for the new Children’s Heart Centre and we’re just 10% away from our funding goal of $14.7 million. Anticipated to open in spring 2021 in its new location in HSC Winnipeg’s Diagnostic Centre of Excellence, the clinic will be closer to critical infrastructure kids with heart conditions may need, like the Children’s Emergency Department, operating rooms, intensive care units, and diagnostic tools including the new pediatric MRI.

The project that began as a need to build a larger clinic has grown to meet even greater needs, thanks to the passion of campaign champions, Gerry and Barb Price. In addition to building and outfitting the new Children’s Heart Centre, the campaign now includes a new catheterization lab, which opened in January 2020, a fluoroscopy lab, and new specialized equipment.

The campaign will also extend important monitoring capabilities across Children’s Hospital wards for kids who need constant surveillance, but not an intensive care unit. This advanced equipment and technology monitors vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate and rhythm, and oxygen saturation, and immediately alerts staff to serious changes in condition.

The addition of these innovative and cutting-edge systems to more rooms will help HSC Winnipeg Children’s Hospital provide a safer, more patient-centred approach to care, and will ultimately improve both the patient experience and clinical outcomes.

Read the full Fall 2020 Heart Centre update here

Take a peek at some of the designs you will see in the new Pediatric Heart Centre:

Show your heart and help ensure enhanced patient care, shorter wait times, and local care for families for many years to come.

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If campaign goal is achieved, additional dollars will be allocated to the area of greatest need.