Build a New Heart Centre

$15,700,000 of $17,700,000 Raised


Capital campaign Phases 1 & 2: Build a new heart centre and expand monitoring across inpatient units

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba has quietly launched a plan to raise $75 million over the coming years to transform the health of kids in Manitoba by addressing the needs of both HSC Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba (CHRIM).


Phase 1: $10.9 million COMPLETE

Barb and Gerry Price, lead donors and Honorary Campaign Chairs began spearheading Phase 1, which involved building a new world-class children’s heart clinic, new diagnostic laboratories for children, new equipment and technology for the hospital and much more.

Thanks to the generosity of individuals and businesses across Manitoba, the new Children’s Heart Centre opened in March 2021. This new, world-class heart centre, cardiac catheterization lab (opened January 2020), and fluoroscopy lab (opening late 2021) helps more than 6,000 kids receive life-saving care and treatment right here in Manitoba. This reduces the need to be sent to other provinces for treatment, which is both costly and stressful for families.


Phase 2: $6.8 million NEARLY THERE!

Phase 2 involves extending remote monitoring capabilities and technology across all inpatient units.

As the only hospital in the province with specialized, acute pediatric services, it is essential HSC Children’s Hospital always has capacity to care for the sickest and most critically injured kids who can’t be treated anywhere else.

Currently there are a limited number of rooms available for children who need their conditions and vital signs to be constantly monitored outside of intensive care. Procedures are sometimes postponed until there is a suitable room available for follow-up care. Remote monitoring lets staff keep a closer watch on the sickest patients in real time, giving families the comfort they need to know there will be immediate response to a child’s changing condition.

The pandemic has brought into greater focus the urgency to respond, especially as technology plays a greater role in care and more private spaces are needed to help prevent the spread of infections like COVID-19.

Sick kids need your help to make sure these important spaces are available throughout the hospital.

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If campaign goal is achieved, additional dollars will be allocated to the area of greatest need.