Board of Directors

Dean Schinkel

Zoe Richardson
Vice Chair 

Michael Choiselat

Michael Holmes
Treasurer, Chair of Finance

Heather Williams
Chair, Children’s Hospital Guild of Manitoba

Peter Davey
Chair Nominating / Governance Committee

Chris Kauenhofen
Representative, CHRIM

Dr. Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg
Chair, Honorary Directors Council

Darcy Strutinsky

Carly Shuler

Carmyn Aleshka

Diane Boyle

Rebecca Chartrand

Indigenous Advisory Circle Chair

Ashley Holtmann
Marketing & Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

Kathryn Hordienko

Kristen Kennedy

Ben Lee

Dr. Adena Madison

Dr. Michael Narvey

Sam Pellettieri

Chair, Investment Committee

Karin Pooley

Marketing & Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

Ainsley Rice

Virginia Torrie

Holly Toupin

Chair, Human Resources Committee

Andrew Weir

Munther Zeid


Ex Officio

Dr. Patricia Birk – Medical Director, Child Health; Department Head of Pediatrics & Child Health

Dr. Terry Klassen – CEO and Head of Research, Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba

Nicole Sneath – Program Director, Child Health

Ronan Segrave – Chief Operating Officer, Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg

Stefano Grande – President & CEO, Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba


By-Laws as approved on April 15, 2014

Honorary Directors Council

Dr. Cheryl Rockman-Greenberg, Chair
Marie-Alice Grassick
Meredith McArthur
Bonnie Patenaude
Jim Rae
Jim Sangster
Earnest Shapera
Fiona Webster-Mourant

Other Volunteer Leadership Opportunities

The Children’s Hospital of Manitoba also convenes a number of standing committees essential to the Foundation’s success and well-being. Committees include:

  • Honorary Directors Council
  • Child Health Advisory Committee
  • Marketing & Fundraising Committee
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Investment
  • Nominating/Governance